Young Living Rally
Hi Team!    Lisa Long and  I attended the Young Living Rally in Lancaster, PA  today along with about two hundred other oily folks and we had a blast!     Here is all the information regarding the specials and the team giveaway!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

 > RutaVaLa is one of THE BEST things you can do for healthy sleep, friends. Roll this on and it's "see you in eight hours". Thank you, Valerian.
 > Blue Tansy has been out of stock for about two years... but it's back today! It's amazing for your skin and emotions and it's the reason Valor and Peace & Calming are so well loved by all of us! It's really special.
 > While you are ordering these... be sure to scoop up 5 mL bottles of Orange and Lemongrass at 10% off!   That makes these CRAZY cheap and perfect for stocking up, gifts and travel sized versions of two favorites!
 > While Manuka has been available in the US for years... it has now been released in some worldwide markets and we are celebrating that, too!

 Kristy Yoder Yoder and Ashley Sharp will be offering TEN PERSONAL MIST DIFFUSERS by doing the following:
 > Simply order at least two of the five promotional products in a 190 PV or more Quick Order between now and 11:59 PM MST on 1/16 and you will be entered to win. If you use ER Points for your Quick Order... make sure it doesn't make your final PV fall below 190 if you want your order to qualify!
 > These personal diffusers are SO GREAT to have on hand because they hydrate your skin and give you thirty seconds of blissful heaven on earth as they gently mist water and oils onto your face. YES. <3 We cannot wait for ten of you to have one of these! Once you process your order... comment here to enter! <3
 > Here is a short, two minute video so you can see how this diffuser works and all its benefits!

 This is probably my favorite announcement of the rally!   Those of us in Delaware will see this change on or around February 1st... and it means ONE DAY SHIPPING using standard shipping rates from their new warehouse in Tennessee!  This is going to cut way back on processing times, too, so we will be seeing our orders much faster!  This makes me so happy!!

 Are. You. Ready?! It's about to get CRAZY up in here because people that cannot deal with the oils thing will now be able to get a membership and access to all YL offers if they simply love and want chemical-free make-up! . This is awesome. More details will be released soon... but we have this to look forward to next month! 

 It was quite the whirlwind!  Go check out the specials and I will be posting an online Romance Class and some in person classes very soon!  Keep your eye out for the information!




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